Vavassori Argenteria - 1966 Milano

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Line Origami

A line of objects that, like a graceful “Origami” spring to life from a simple sheet of solid silver which is entirely handcrafted, expertly moulded and modelled.
Each object is unique; the soft folds that with striking plays of light heighten the object’s warm brilliance are and-modelled and chiselled, thus ensuring one-of-a-kind products.
Elegant sculptures, beautiful household objects that enhance the value of your home, crafted by the skilled hands of first-rate craftsmen.

round centre pieces PDF Print E-mail

cm. 19x19
sterling silver gr. 150
cod. art. 2319/03

cm. 24x24
sterling silver gr. 240
cod. art. 2319/02

cm. 30x30
sterling silver gr. 385 
cod. art. 2319/01

cm. 39x39
sterling silver gr. 800
 cod. art.2319

centre pieces PDF Print E-mail
cm. 16x16
sterling silver gr. 135 
cod. art. 2318/03

cm. 18x18
sterling silver gr. 185  
cod. art. 2318/02

cm. 22x22
sterling silver gr. 250  
cod. art. 2318/01

cm. 28x28
sterling silver gr. 400  
cod. art. 2318

cm. 30x30
sterling silver gr. 695
cod. art. 2318/00

Vases PDF Print E-mail

cm. 18x14
sterling silver gr. 320  
cod. art. 2320/02

cm. 18x37
sterling silver gr. 1.100  
cod. art. 2320/06

cm. 23x14
sterling silver gr. 450  
cod. art. 2320/01

vases PDF Print E-mail

pen holder - cm. 9x10
steriling silver gr. 130
cod. art. 2320/05

centre piece- cm. 13x11
sterling silver gr. 200 
cod. art.  2320/04


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